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Balloon Tips and Tricks

When I receive my balloons:
- Please open up and check your balloon for any signs of damage that may not have been visible to us while packaged. If there is any visible hole, it's best we know early to replace rather than on the day of your event!
How do I store my balloons?
- Please store your balloons away from light and heat.
- Un-inflated balloons are a choking hazard, please keep out or reach of children. 
- Please ensure any balloon fragments are discarded of safely away from children.


Inflating balloons with helium
- You can go to your local party store to have balloons inflated.
- If hiring your own helium tank (Spotlight or SupaGas) please let the Sales Assistant know the size and quantity of your balloons, in order to assist with selecting the right size tank.
- Foil balloons are self-sealing. Once filled they will seal themselves. For an extra measure you can place a little tape over the hole to prevent helium from leaking.  
- Secure your helium balloons with a balloon weight to ensure they don’t float away, we recommend using your helium-filled balloons indoors only.
- Avoid over inflating, if unsure it is better to slightly under-fill rather than over-inflate and pop!
- Helium is temperature sensitive, so we recommend under-filling on a warm day and avoid exposure to extreme heat and cold.
- If your helium balloon starts to slightly deflate, we recommend inserting a straw into the self-sealing hole and gently filling with oxygen.

Can I fill my balloons with air? 
- If you prefer not to use helium, latex and foil balloons can be filled with air.
- We recommend using a balloon pump for bigger balloons or a straw for smaller/foil balloons.

How long will my balloons last? 
- Our Foil and Orbz balloon range will last 2 days +
- Our Latex balloon range will last between 7-10 hours.
- For best results we recommend inflating your balloons on the day of your event.

Can my balloons be refilled? 
Yes! Foil balloons can be stored and refilled for your next celebration.
To deflate your balloon, we recommend inserting a straw and gently rolling the balloon to expel all remaining air or helium. Then simply fold, store and reuse next time!

'Air-Fill only' balloons
We have a great range of 'Air-Fill only' balloons that create a great impact at your party without the need for inflating with helium. We recommend using a balloon pump or straw to inflate with air.
Orbz balloons
Our Orbz balloon range are best filled with helium by a balloon specialist/reputable outlet. Inflate gently with helium using a high pressure latex balloon regulator until no creases are showing. Then slowly inflate until all wrinkle seams have disappeared and the seams are wrinkle free. We recommend topping up gently with oxygen using a straw, to ensure these delicate balloons are not over inflated.
Air Walker helium balloons
We love our Air-Walker and standing helium range of balloons - and we know that kids do too! These large balloons should be helium-filled to "walk/glide" along the floor when you pull on their string, the helium keeps them upright and weighted feet keep them gently touching the floor.